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Ресторанный шаблон на WordPress от Templatic: Gourmet

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Gourmet — шаблон для WordPress от Templatic. Лучшая тема на wordpress для ресторанного бизнеса. Шаблон Gourme содержит 3 цветовые расцветки: зелёный, светло-коричневый и тёмно-коричневый. Возможность комбинировать в 1 колонку, в 2 колонки справа или с лева, очень удобный шаблон, поможет Вам построить ресторанный бизнес на wordpress.

Особенности темы:

Three detailed color schemes
One Click Auto Install
Excellent Support
Theme Guide & Tutorials
PSD File Included
Drop Down & Breadcrumb Navigation
Gravatar Support & Threaded Comments
Built-in Ad Monetization
Search Engine Optimized
Widget Ready with custom widgets
Valid, Cross browser Compatible

Description :
Gourmet WordPress Theme. Gourmet is categorically designed for a cafe and Restaurant owners. Gourmet help in excellent presentation of their store online with its unique Multiple menu pages, cafe directions, featured items, blog, and so on. Use this theme to quickly create a professional presence for your culinary business. Available in three different color scheme.

The Gourmet WordPress theme by Templatic can be used to create a web presence for any restaurant, whether it’s a five-star establishment or the local diner. The theme allows you to create your restaurant’s page with no programming knowledge. The theme isn’t cookie-cutter in its design. It can be altered to the user’s liking. Some of the features that allow you to make changes can redefine the look of the entire site without requiring you to touch a line of code.

The Gourmet WordPress theme by Templatic is designed to be simple from the start. The theme installs with the click of a button and you’re ready to start customizing it and adding your menu entries. The theme includes a bold featured area on the front page, tabbed navigation on the top and a selection of thumbnail images below. Setting all of this up is easy. You simply load one image of the item for the site. The Gourmet WordPress theme by Templatic will then resize the image as needed for inclusion in thumbnail areas of the site or for featured areas.

For many restaurants, appealing to the broadest possible demographic is necessary. The Gourmet WordPress theme by Templatic makes this much easier by including support for localization in the theme. This ensures that you don’t have to change the site’s files around to accommodate other languages on your web site. Most of the site’s features can be controlled from the control panel built-in to the site. This allows you tremendous control over the entire visitor experience.

You can change the theme between three separate color schemes. If you want to engage in a bit more customization, you can access the PSD files used to build the site. These files include all the separate layers used, so you don’t have to worry about some elements of the graphics being static. There are tutorials and guides to help you through the process of setting up and configuring your site.

The Gourmet WordPress theme by Templatic also comes with support from Templatic. This means you don’t have to worry about getting lost with your setup. If you want to carry advertisements from other businesses on your site, either for money or as a favor, you’ll find spots set aside for them within the theme. This makes monetizing your site very easy and introduces the ability to generate more revenue!

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