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Премиум бизнес шаблон WordPress от WooThemes: Apz

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Apz — Премиум шаблон WordPress от WooThemes. Простенькая тема для wordpress, предназначена для продаж на сайте или создания выставки. Простой бизнес шаблон, хорошо адаптируется под сайт визитку на wordpress.

Отличная тема для демонстрации или продажи ваших приложений, либо для iPhone и других платформ. Эта тема будет показывать функции вашего приложения в изящном слайдере, а также делает возможным его стимулирование посредством модульного макета страницы.


Структура WooFramework2
Удобный пульт управления
Удобный слайдер изображений
Управление рекламой
Поддержка Video и Twitter
Поддержка локализации
Автоизменение размеров изображений
Новая страница для СЕО настроек
Новая страница для настройки многоуровневой навигации
Совместимость со всеми браузерами

От автора:
Apz is a Business theme specifically geared towards showcasing and selling apps, for iPhone and other platforms. If development is your thing, Apz is the theme for showing your goods to the World Wide Web.

The modular design of Apz makes it ideal to display as many screenshots of your app as you like, along with specs, installation instructions, FAQs and any other info you want to share. You can also seamlessly integrate your personal or development blog and twitter account to Apz, for even better communication with your application’s potential users.

Apz has an easy to navigate homepage topped with a slider where you can show extra-large screenshots of your application, with or without an iPhone frame. Below it are neatly stacked spaces for widgets, a media panel where you can show images and video (which pop out as a lightbox), a contact form and your latest blog posts, along with your Twitter stream. The latest WordPress 3.0 Custom Post Types scripts allow you to add media, slides and features easily and with minimal fuss.

Designer Kirstin Pauk thought of everything to make sure your applications fly off the virtual shelves: you can easily add a link to the Apple App store on the homepage slides through a simple custom setting. This feature will give your website optimal conversion rates, as impulse buyers will be only one click away from purchasing your application.
Apz comes with nine attractive color schemes to suit every taste and every kind of app: from funky solid colors, through relaxed browns and grays, and down to edgy black, you are bound to find the color scheme that is perfect for your app. You can customize your Apz website further by changing the color of links and buttons to your taste.

All WooThemes come with a wealth of standard features and custom widgets, and Apz is no exception. Some of the WooWidgets you can use in the fully widgetized sidebar and footers include Post Tabber, video, ads and of course Twitter. Other WooThemes default features available for Apz include the powerful SEO Options (so your app tops the search results,) Woo Custom navigation for compete control over your menus.

If you have an application you want to sell, you should waste no more time and download Apz today. The striking slideshow, cool lightbox video and direct connection to the App Store will be closing sales as soon as your site is launched.

Custom Homepage
A custom home page featured area to showcase your noteworthy blog posts. The slider is tag based so can include posts across numerous categories.

Featured Slider
A featured slider that can show screenshots from your application in an iPhone frame (or without frame).

App Store Friendly
Easily add a link to Apple App Store on your slides via our custom settings panel.

Apps Features Area
Show the features of your app with either image or video in the features area below the slider (optional).

Custom Widgets
Custom Woo Widgets for use in the widgetized sidebar and footer regions: Post Tabber, Video, Twitter, Blog Information, Ads & Search.

Alternative Styles
10 delicious colour schemes to choose from. Option to change color of links and buttons in options panel.

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